Rev. Charles Kleinhesselink, Minister

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Sunday, August 13, 2017


PRELUDE:  Jean Kleinhesselink



              “In Christ Alone”

   #273(PB)“We Are Here to Praise You”

   #18 (PB) “I Keep Falling in Love with Him”








HYMN: #30(PB) “He Is Able”              

(Kids dismissed to Children’s Church)


MESSAGE: “Appointed”

SCRIPTURE: Jeremiah 1  


OFFERTORY SONG: #112(PB) “God & God Alone”







6:30pm Evening Service.


THIS LORD’S DAY  ~  August 13th

GREETERS: Main: Josh & Shauna Larson  East: Troy & Melanie Bosman

AUGUST USHERS: Phil Roorda, Len Smit, Loren VanBeek   Alt. – Kurt Rutgers


NURSERY: (T) Mitzi Baldwin, Faith Baldwin, Rashelle Cuperus

                  (I) Jodi DeBeeld, Brooke DeBeeld

SOUND SYSTEM: Jason Postma              

POWERPOINT: Joshua VanDellen

HOST: Ryan & Wendy                           

LIBRARY: Jane Regier

CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS:  Colleen Stremler & Lynzi Stap

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS:  Hannah Stremler & Nicole Vermeer


ABOUT THE MESSAGE “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When kids are asked that question, their answers are remarkably consistent. Occupations such as a doctor, athlete, teacher, firefighter are common responses. Jeremiah was not asked what he wanted to be. He was told. Before Jeremiah was born, God had set him apart for a divine calling. Does God still do this today? Do we choose our life’s task or does God choose it for us? Read the first chapter of Jeremiah in preparation for our time together on Sunday.


ANNOUNCEMENT  Gert Korver is celebrating her 100th birthday on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 20th at the Christian Healthcare Center in Lynden from 2-3:30pm. Members of NVRC are welcome to attend an open house for Gert.


DIRECTORY PHOTOS We plan to start today after the morning worship service. They will begin around 10:30am and go until 1:30pm. It will be first come, first served; we hope to include all the college kids before they head back to school. If you attend regularly or are a new member, this includes you. Please go to the parsonage after church to get in line, or have cookies & coffee and wait awhile, or go have lunch and come back; we will be there until 1:30pm. Our next session will be the following Sunday, August 20. They will offer pics before church from 8:30-9:30am, as well as after from 10:30am-1:30pm. There will be a make-up day in September for those that can’t make these two August sessions. We can use the picture from last time or you can provide us with a digital photo to include if these dates don’t work for you. Our photographers, Rashelle Cuperus & Trisha Card, will share a digital copy of the photo with you upon request. Becky Bos will be doing the layout and they will be printed in our 2018 church directory. Please see Shannon Bosman if you have any questions. Thank you!


MARRIAGE CORNER How do a husband and wife work together as teammates? Joshua Straub and Christi Straub answer this question. First, identify issues that can cause anger, frustration and pressure in the relationship. Second, identify unhealthy patterns. Third, set goals like paying off debt, opening a business or serving together on a committee or service project. Fourth, create shared meaning. Fifth, establish a 15 minute check-in. After the kids are in bed and evening chores are finished, take 15 minutes to talk. Check out the Straub’s article entitled “Five Ways to Stay on the Same Team.”


OPEN HOUSE for Harry Tiemersma’s 80th birthday! Come celebrate with us on August 19th at the Nooksack City Park from 2:00-4:00pm. Everyone’s invited and welcome! Hope to see you there.


THANK YOU A big thanks to our deacons and supporting staff for the new and improved swing set in the play area. Take a look and thank a deacon.


METHODIST CHURCH John Wesly served as the religious leader of the Georgia colony from February 6, 1736 to December 2, 1737. His ministry was to both Native Americans and colonists. While at Oxford University, Wesly, his brother Charles, and several others devoted themselves to study, prayer, and helping the underpriviledged. They were labeled “Methodists” as a criticism from fellow students because of the orderly way they used rules and methods to go about their religious affairs. Wesly and his brother were ordained ministers of the Church of England. However, they were barred from speaking in most pulpits because of their evangelistic methods. Wesly did not set out to create a new church but instead to begin several small faith-restoration groups within the Anglican Church called United Societies. Soon Welsy parted ways with the Anglican Church. In 1939 the three branches of American Methodism (The Methodist Protestant Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South) came to an agreement to reunite under one name, the Methodist Church. The 7.7 million church prospered for the next 29 years, as did the newly reunited Evangelical United Brethren Church. In 1968 the 2 denominations merged and became the United Methodist Church.


PRAYER FOCUS Have you ever prayed through a text of the Bible? Some of you may have done just that. It can be a creative time to communicate with God. Read Psalm 1. Meditate on it. Take note of the promises and the warnings. What is the “council of the wicked? How would you describe the way of sinners,” and “the seat of scoffers?” The Psalmist describes clearly 2 paths we can take. Verses 1-3 describe the good path to travel. Verses 4-6 outlines the path of misery. How are these paths different? How can a person meditate on God’s law day and night? Pray this week for people you know who are walking the path of misery. Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal the right path to travel.


THANK YOU to the many volunteers that helped out in the ticket booths at the Vintage Farming Days last week. There were many comments about how smoothly everything went and the tractor club was very pleased. Without your help, this fundraiser would not have been possible. The RCWM raised $2,000. Thank you again!  RCWM – Emilene VanBeek


THE DISCIPLES Simon the Canaanite was a man Jesus called to be his disciple. Simon was probably a Galilean. History sometimes refers to him as “Simon the Canaanite” and “Simon the Zealot.” Simon received his call to follow Jesus at the Sea of Tiberius (Matthew 4:18-22) along with others of the group of 12. But he remains a mystery in many ways. He is not mentioned often in the Gospels. However, he was selected by Jesus to come and follow him. We have also been called to follow Jesus. Our names are unimportant. Where we come from does not matter. We are called to be “zealous” for Jesus and the kingdom.


THE NEXT LORD’S DAY  ~  August 20th

GREETERS: Main: Ken & Jolene Ekema  East: Gerrit & Donna DeHoog

AUGUST USHERS: Phil Roorda, Len Smit, Loren VanBeek  Alt. – Kurt Rutgers


COOKIES: Amanda DeHoog, Shelli DeJager, Deb DeJong, Shawna DeKriek, Amy Dunlap

NURSERY: (T) Tom DeHoog, Amanda DeHoog, DeHoog kids       

                   (I) Jill DeJager, Renee Giliam

MUSICIAN: Marilyn Bosman                               

SONG LEADER:  Bruce Stadt      

MUSIC MINISTRY: Claudette Sterk                     


POWERPOINT: Brent Stadt                                 

HOST: Ryan & Wendy

LIBRARY: Jane Regier

CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS:  Angie VanBeek & Trisha Card 

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS:  Wyatt & Weston Card & Caroline VanBeek