Rev. Charles Kleinhesselink, Minister

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Sunday, August 6, 2017


PRELUDE:  Marilyn Bosman



        #497(H) “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder”

        #527(H) “Thou Art Worthy”




MUSIC MINISTRY: Kobi Lautenbach






HYMN: #138(H) “Tell Me the Old, Old Story”         

(Kids dismissed to Children’s Church)


MESSAGE: “Inspired Words”

SCRIPTURE: II Timothy 3:16; II Peter 1:20-21  









6:30pm Evening Service.


THIS LORD’S DAY  ~  August 6th

GREETERS: Main: Tyler & Amanda Postma  East: John & Arlis Bosman

AUGUST USHERS: Phil Roorda, Len Smit, Loren VanBeek   Alt. – Kurt Rutgers


NURSERY: (T) Shannon Bosman, Melanie Bosman, Charley Bosman

                (I) Janis DeJager, Carla Dykstra

SOUND SYSTEM: Dennis Lautenbach                           

POWERPOINT: Kase Lautenbach

HOST: Chad & Diane

LIBRARY: Deb Kuiper

CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS:  Rachel Koetje & Amy Hemnes

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS:  Haylee Koetje & Jared Smit


ABOUT THE MESSAGE How did we get the Bible? Who wrote it? What about the various translations and versions that exist? Is one more correct than another? How as the Bible put together? Who chose what books to include? Join us Sunday morning when we examine how the Bible came into existence.


BELGIC CONFESSION (Article 5) “We receive all these books as canonical and holy, for the regulating, founding, and establishing of our faith. And we believe without a doubt all things contained in them – not so much because the church receives and approves them as such but above all because the Holy Spirit testifies in our hearts that they are from God, and also because they prove themselves to be from God…”


DENOMINATION TALK There are many denominations. Some we are more familiar with than others. For the next few weeks we will examine some of the more familiar ones. The Anglican Church was a fusion of British, Celtic, and Roman influences. Under King Henry VIII, the Church of England broke with Rome, largely because Pope Clement VII refused to grant Henry an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. However, there were other issues that made the separation complete. Historical records indicate that Henry challenged the authority of Rome for most of his reign. At any rate, the birth of the Anglican Church set the stage for the Reformation which would engulf all of Europe. Thomas Cramner, who was made Archbishop of Canterbury, made Henry head of the English Church. Cramner would become the leader of the English Reformation. He was also the father of The Book of Common Prayer.

Today, the Anglican Communion has more than 70 million adherents in 38 provinces spreading across 161 countries.


ATTENTION SENIORS - UPDATE We will have access to the church van for our Birch Bay picnic on Friday, Aug. 11th. Those who wish to ride, meet at church no later than 3:45pm. If you live in Lynden, we will pick you up at 4:15pm at the Senior Center. Linda Witman will be our driver. Up to 14 can ride in the van.


SENIORS Friday, August 11th at 5pm at Birch Bay Park. Once again another picnic. This time we will start at 5pm because it is far away for some of us. There is a fee to enter the park. We will supply the fire wood in case you want to build a fire. Bring picnic dishes and your own drinks. Silverware, cups, plates, etc. will be on hand. Sign-up sheet on back table.


MEN We have planned a night of clay pigeon shooting off the North Pass Road on Wednesday evening, August 9th at 6:30pm. Look for ribbons and a sign directing you to the activities. Bring your firearms and ammo and some money to offset the cost of the clay pigeons.


PRAYER CORNER John VandeHoef, Curt Meenderinck, Bertha Beld, Shirley Fekkes


PRAYER FOCUS Jesus said, “I am the true vine… Abide in me as I abide in you… You are the branches. Those who abide in men and I in them bear much fruit”(John 15:1,4-5).  Christ “in” us allows his power to be the matchless energy we need. Perhaps our greatest need is to recognize and live as believers in this truth. Answers to prayer seem secondary when we know that our “abiding” in him is our first duty. Get this right and all the other things fall into place. Our assignment this week is to make each day a day of abiding in him. Let our prayer simply be “Lord, please enable me to abide in you.”


THANKS! We have appreciated your cards, phone calls and prayers as we have embarked on another great adventure, this time to Arizona. We are settled in our apartment (small but cozy) and our new house is getting started. It has cooled off considerably with the monsoon rains. Crashes of thunder, flashing lightning and serious rain for a short time are really exciting! We miss you and hope you are having a great summer. We have made some friends and a new church but no one will ever replace you!  With all our love, Bill & Shirley


THANK YOU to Bruce & Lisa Stadt, Dale & Lori TeVelde, Kurt & RoseAnn Rutgers and all the other helpers who made church camp a great success!


YOUNG COUPLES BIBLE STUDY I would like to invite you to consider attending a young couples Bible study beginning in September. We would meet once per month on a Sunday evening, that seems to be the best for the majority of the participants. The material we will be using is entitled “Kingdom Marriage”. This is a six session study. There will be a DVD component and a participating study to guide each session. If you would be interested, please indicate your intentions on the sheet on the back table in the narthex. 

THE DISCIPLES The Gospel of Mark lists the names of the 12 Apostles. Mark 3:14-19 presents us with those called to follow Jesus. “Simon, to whom he gave the name Peter; James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James, to whom he gave Boanerges, that is, “Sons of Thunder.” Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Canaanite; and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him…” So who were these men? Let’s think first of Judas Iscariot. “Iscariot” is a derivation of the name “Kerioth.” Kerioth is located in the country Moab. Judas was the treasurer of the group of 12. And we know that he was not “honest” with this responsibility. He was unhappy with Mary’s anointing of the feet of Jesus. The perfume could have been used for the poor he asserts. The New Bible Dictionary reminds us that, first, we should not doubt the sincerity of the Lord’s call upon his life. Second, the Lord’s fore knowledge of him does not imply that Judas “must” become the traitor. Third, Judas was never really converted to Jesus Christ. Did Judas have a choice in his actions toward Jesus? He did. He chose to betray Jesus. Some theologians suggest that Judas was, “predetermined” to betray Jesus. In other words, he did not have a choice in the matter. However, the Word of God never comes near saying this about Judas and his actions. Judas wanted to force Jesus to step forward and establish an earthly kingdom, but he made a mistake by assuming he knew what was best. Perhaps the greatest error in Judas’ judgement was not to see the “greater” purpose of God’s plan. Judas took his own life following the betrayal. We understand the sense of self-condemnation that Judas felt. The remarkable fact is that God was able to bring “good” out of “evil”. He does the same for all of us. Out of great despair God can bring great hope.


THE WEEK AHEAD ~ August 7-12


FRIDAY         5pm  -- Senior’s Picnic at Birch Bay Park


THE NEXT LORD’S DAY  ~  August 13th

GREETERS: Main: Josh & Shauna Larson  East: Troy & Melanie Bosman

AUGUST USHERS: Phil Roorda, Len Smit, Loren VanBeek  Alt. – Kurt Rutgers


COOKIES: Rashelle Cuperus, Jodi DeBeeld, Linda DeBoer, Diane DeBruin, Donna DeHoog

NURSERY: (T) Mitzi Baldwin, Faith Baldwin, Rashelle Cuperus

               (I) Jodi DeBeeld, Brooke DeBeeld

MUSICIAN: Jean Kleinhesselink

SONG LEADER:  Jr. Praise Team                       

SOUND SYSTEM: Jason Postma

POWERPOINT: Joshua VanDellen

HOST: Ryan & Wendy

LIBRARY: Jane Regier

CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS:  Colleen Stremler & Lynzi Stap 

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS:  Hannah Stremler & Nicole Vermeer