Rev. Charles Kleinhesselink, Minister

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Sunday, October 1, 2017


PRELUDE:  Marilyn Bosman



  #145(H) “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”

        #136(PB) “There Is A Redeemer”








HYMN: #144(H) “Blessed Assurance”

(Kids dismissed to Children’s Church)


MESSAGE: “Managing Stress” – Chad Van Ry

SCRIPTURE: Luke 12:22-34



COMMUNION SPECIAL MUSIC: Deborah Ogle & Jean Kleinhesselink







6:30pm Evening Service here.


THIS LORD’S DAY  ~  October 1st

GREETERS: Main: Dan & Carla Dykstra    East: Jay & Debbie DeJong

OCTOBER USHERS: Nathan VanDellen, Duane Vermeer, Chad Likkel  Alt. –Brent Stadt


NURSERY: (T) Lindsey Rutgers, Gracie Rutgers, Michelle Moe

                (I) RoseAnn Rutgers, Kristin Stadt


POWERPOINT: Kase Lautenbach

HOST: Virgil & Cheeta

LIBRARY: Judy VanVleet

CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS: Julie Thompson & Shannon Heutink

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS:  Amber Haak & Courtney Haak


ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL Class is traveling Down the Romans Road. We need you in our Bible study time – it’s not just for old people! We welcome all adults.


ANNOUNCEMENT Today, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. We refer to the Lord’s Supper as a sacrament. Sacraments are holy signs and seals for us to see. The presentation of the Word of God and the Supper are intended to focus our attention on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross as the only ground of our salvation. By baptism the Lord brings us into fellowship with himself and his children. Through the Lord’s Supper he strengthens and maintains that fellowship. The catechism tells us that “to eat the crucified body of Christ and to drink his poured-out blood is to accept with a believing heart the entire suffering and death of Christ and by believing to receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life.” We believe that the bread and cup do not turn into the literal “body” of Jesus. Christ is present along, under, and with us in the meal. The Supper speaks to the past – Christ died for us. The Supper speaks to the present – Christ with us. The Supper speaks to the future – He will be with us to the end of the age. So who may eat of the bread and cup? The catechism reminds us those who hate sin, love Jesus, and want to do his will.


CHOIR is cancelled Wed. Oct. 4, see you Wed. Oct.12th.


COUPLES BIBLE STUDY will meet Oct. 8th at 4pm. Read Chapter 2. Childcare provided. Please bring your $7 per couple for the book if you haven’t already.


GOSPEL SINGING Concert with the Down East Boys & Evergreen 3 on Fri., Oct. 20, at 7pm. Doors open at 6pm, free will offering & refreshments following. For more info call Donna 360-966-5165. We need cookies, breads, or bars & help in the kitchen. Please let Donna L. know by Sun., Oct. 15th if you can help out. Thanks.


HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP We’re meeting today at 12:30 to drive down to the tractor pull at Skagit Speedway. Cost is $15 + lunch. If it’s raining we might need to cancel.


MOVIE Same Kind of Different As Me – pre-released premier hosted by the Lighthouse Mission on Oct. 18th at 7pm at Barkley Village Stadium 16. See bulletin board flyer for more info.


OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD This is the perfect time to start filling shoe boxes for children in need around the world. Summer items & school supplies are on sale but Fall items are also out. Pamphlets will be on the back table soon. Start collecting school supplies, clothing, shoes & everyday essentials like toothbrushes, washcloths & bar soap. It is always such a joy to add our congregation’s boxes to those coming in from our local area!


PRAYER FOCUS Throughout history, faithful followers of Jesus have continually lifted the cries of their heart to the Father. Oswald Chambers wrote, “Prayer does not equip us for greater works – prayer is the greater work.” The prayer of St. Patrick entitled “Christ Before Me” is a well-known prayer that, still, to this day, is a classic. A piece of that prayer reads, “Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ on my right, Christ on my left, Christ when I sit down, Christ when I lie down, Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me, Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks of me, Christ in the eyes that sees me, Christ in the ears that hears me.” Patrick, as some of you may recall, was captured by Irish pirates and taken as a slave to Ireland. He lived there for 6 years and then escaped. He became a cleric and returned to work in Ireland. What prayers in the Bible have been inspirational and helpful to you?


PRAYING THE PSALMS Psalm145- is ascribed to David. Four poetic paragraphs develop in this psalm, each introduced with a thematic line. Take note of verses 3,8,13 & 17. “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise…” (v.3). What are most worthy of praise in your mind? “The Lord is gracious and compassionate…”(v.8). Why is the Lord this way? Why is he slow to anger? Read and pray through the entire psalm noting verses 13 and 17.


RCA HISTORY Dr. Ben Braskamp, became the first full-time chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1950. Dr. Braskamp attended Northwestern Classical Academy which later became known as Northwestern College. He served as chaplain to the House for 16 years. We read, “Despite the serious nature of his call, Braskamp maintained a keen sense of humor. ‘I always look out over the House of Representatives and then I pray for the country.’” Another RCA missionary was Rev. David Abeel. He has been called the “Father of Amoy Missions.” He was born in 1804 in New Jersey. At the age of 19, he entered New Brunswick Seminary and graduated several years later. After serving a church in Athens, New York, he received a call from the American Seaman’s Friend Society to undertake work on behalf of seaman at Canton. He would later pioneer the Amoy mission which led to the building of China’s first Protestant Church. He traveled to England to bring news of the work in China as well as to Reformed Congregations in New York and New Jersey. He labored faithfully to the very last. The first 2 converts at Amoy, were baptized in 1846. He died in 1846.


PRAYER CONCERNS Duane Beld, Gerry Den Adel, Bev Sterk, Carl & Norma Post, JoAnn Leeper, Edith Plagerman


SENIORS Mon. Oct. 16th at 6pm – Game night is on again. Bring your favorite game and a potluck dish. We will just visit, play games and enjoy some great dishes. Sign-up sheet on back table. Keep in mind for the winter months – no school, no senior event.


SUNDAY SCHOOL High School teacher is still needed. Please contact Shelli DeJager (966-2831) or Bruce and Lisa Stadt (966-7200).


THURSDAY NIGHT LADIES BIBLE STUDY will resume on October 5 at 7pm in the Fireside Room. We will be finishing our book The Story, beginning with the first chapter of the New Testament. If you would like to join you are more than welcome. You will need to have a copy of the book and study material. Any questions feel free to call Emily VanRy at 360-593-0995.


THE WEEK AHEAD ~  October 2-7

Tuesday        7pm – Deacon’s Meeting

                   7:30 – Consistory Mtg.  Host: Travis Stremler  Dev: Josh Cuperus

Wednesday    10am-Ladies Bible Study

                   6:45 – Cadets & Gems

                   7pm—Jr. High Youth for Grades 7&8

Thursday       7pm – Ladies Bible Study


THE NEXT LORD’S DAY  ~  October 8th

GREETERS: Main: Jerry & Joan Carlin   East: Dale & Brenda VanRooyen

OCTOBER USHERS: Nathan VanDellen, Duane Vermeer, Chad Likkel  Alt.-Brent Stadt


COOKIES: Julie McGillivray, Christina Mellema, Michelle Moe, Shirley Payne, Jayleen Plagerman

NURSERY: (T) Kim Smit, Allison Smit, Megan Smit

     (I) Lynzi Stap, Jodi Tucker

MUSICIAN: Jean Kleinhesselink      

SONG LEADER:  Jr. High Girls



POWERPOINT: Joshua VanDellen

HOST: Duane & Bertha


CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS: Julie Thompson & Christina Mellema

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS: Jared Smit & Nicole Vermeer