Rev. Charles Kleinhesselink, Minister

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Sunday, September 10, 2017


PRELUDE:  Emily VanRy



          “Here I Am to Worship”

        “Blessed Be Your Name”

          “Ancient Words”








HYMN: #196(H) “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”         

(Kids dismissed to Children’s Church)


MESSAGE: “Census”



OFFERTORY HYMN: #187(H) “Cleanse Me”







6:30pm Evening Service here.


THIS LORD’S DAY  ~  September 10th

GREETERS: Main: Bill & Judy VanVleet   East: Jerry & Michelle VanDellen

SEPTEMBER USHERS: Sean Tucker, Theo VanBerkum, Jerry VanDellen Alt. – Joshua VanDellen


NURSERY: (T) Wendy Haak, Amber Haak, Shannon Heutink

                  (I) Randi Lautenbach, Kobi Lautenbach, Jodi Postma

SOUND SYSTEM: Doug VanRy                             POWERPOINT: Joshua VanDellen

HOST: Bruce & Lisa                                           LIBRARY: Christina Mellema

CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS: Julie Thompson & Amanda Postma

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS:  Megan Smit & Wylie Postma


ABOUT THE MESSAGE What was David’s gravest sin? Was it his sin with Bathsheba? Was it his sin by killing Uriah, her husband? The answer would appear to be “no!” His deepest sin was counting his people! He took a census and God was furious! Why? Why would this action have provoked God so greatly? Read II Samuel 24 in preparation for our time together Sunday morning.


 ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL Starts today, we will continue our study of Romans


ANNIVERSARY Our church is planning to celebrate our 75th in the Spring. Anyone who would like to be on the committee, we would love to have you. There is a sign-up sheet on the back table, or contact Joan Carlin.


CADETS AND GEMS is starting soon! This is for kids in 2nd – 5th grade. Sign-up sheets on the back table.


CATECHISM #117 Q – How does God want us to pray?  A – First, we must pray from the heart to no other than the one true God, who has revealed himself in his Word, asking for everything he has commanded us to ask for. Second, we must acknowledge our need and misery, hiding nothing, and humble ourselves in his majestic presence. Third, we must rest on this unshakable foundation: even though we do not deserve it. God will surely listen to our prayer because of Christ our Lord. That is what he promised us in his Word.


CHOIR  Starts Wednesday, Sept. 20th at 7pm


COUPLES BIBLE STUDY begins this afternoon at 4pm.


DIRECTORY PHOTOS Final day is Sunday, September 24. You can have your picture taken before or after church. If you prefer to use your last directory pic please let us know, or you may provide us with a digital photo by Oct. 9. Please see Shannon Bosman with questions.


GEMS KICK OFF THEME NIGHT will be Sept. 20th at 6:45pm!


HELP NEEDED Would any couple or family be willing to be in nursery once a month during the couples bible study? Starts Sept. 10 at 4:00-5:15.  See Becky Bos or Randi.


JR HIGH YOUTH GROUP KICK OFF! Wed., Sept. 20 at 6:30-8:00pm. Details to come. Grades 6-8.


LOST AND FOUND Please check the table by the front door. Items were brought from church camp. After Sept. 17th service the items will be donated on. Thank you.


PARENTING CORNER Vicki Caruana has some “back to school” tips for parents in helping kids build new habits for the school year. –Plan for change. Identify the habit or behavior that needs adjustment. – Deal with one habit at a time. – Take small steps. – Repeat the desired behavior.  Look up Vicki’s other helpful tips on “Focus on the Family” web site.



PRAYER CONCERNS Sharon Westhoff (surgery)


PRAYER FOCUS “Solomon knelt in front of the entire community of Israel and lifted his hands toward heaven and prayed.” (II Chronicles 6:13-14). Solomon prayed. He knelt while he prayed. How do you pray? In what position do you do your best praying? Some kneel, some stand, some sit when they pray. Does it make a difference? We read, “The highest form of prayer comes from the depths of a humble heart.” This week:

  • Pray humbly for your family
  • Pray humbly for your neighbors
  • Pray humbly for God’s Spirit to move through you for his purposes.

    RCWM is having a meeting, Monday, Sept. 11th at 7pm. We will be discussing the fall fun festival, & Lord’s Acre, and we will be following up on the summer activities that were held.


    SENIORS Thursday, Sept.21st at 6pm – It’s baked potato and bingo night once again. Potatoes will be supplied but please bring a salad or dessert and check off a topping you can bring for the baked potato. Both sign-up sheets are on the back table. 


    SHAKERS Officially known as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, the Shakers came to America from England in 1774, establishing their first settlement in New York state. Ann Lee, Jane Wardly, and Lucy Wright assumed leadership roles in the organization with Ann Lee often believed to be the group’s founding member. Shakers were given their name because of spontaneous dance movements in worship at Sunday services. They practiced a celibate and communal lifestyle, pacifism, and equality of the sexes. They were also known for their simple living, architecture, and furniture making abilities. By the early 1900’s almost all Shaker settlements in America had died out. Today the only settlement of Shakers can be found in Maine. Christian utopian movements frequently take at least some of their inspiration from Acts 4:32-35.


    SUNDAY SCHOOL STARTS TODAY AND WE NEED TEACHERS Please see or call Shelli DeJager at 966-2831. We need teachers for grades 2, 4, 5, Jr. High Boys and High school. For today Grades 2 thru High School will meet in the sanctuary(except Jr. High girls, they meet out in the parsonage.)  Preschool through 1st grade meets in the Ed unit (Kathleen’s classroom).



THE WEEK AHEAD ~  September 11-16

Monday 7pm – RCWM Meeting  -  Dev: Rickie


THE NEXT LORD’S DAY  ~  September 17th

GREETERS: Main: Mike & Monica Stenevich   East: Ed & Tena Speelman

SEPTEMBER USHERS: Sean Tucker, Theo VanBerkum, Jerry VanDellen  Alt.-Josh VanDellen


COOKIES: Rhonda Juergens, Tres Kamphouse, Heidi Kamphouse, Jean Kleinhesselink, Rachel Koetje

NURSERY: (T) Heidi Kamphouse, Tyler Kamphouse, Hallie Kamphouse, Julie McGillivray

     (I) Deb Kuiper, Nancy Postma

MUSICIAN: Marilyn Bosman                                SONG LEADER:  Claudette Sterk

MUSIC MINISTRY: Deborah Ogle                        SOUND SYSTEM: Kase Lautenbach

POWERPOINT: Brent Stadt                                  HOST: Bruce & Lisa

LIBRARY: Christina Mellema

CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS: Julie Thompson & Shannon Bosman

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS: Becca TeVelde & Caroline VanBeek