Rev. Charles Kleinhesselink, Minister

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Sunday, September 17, 2017


PRELUDE:  Marilyn Bosman



        #19(H)   “Fairest Lord Jesus”

      #415(H)  “Victory in Jesus”










HYMN: #305(H) “Sweet Hour of Prayer”               

(Kids dismissed to Children’s Church)


MESSAGE: “Last Will and Testament”

SCRIPTURE: I Kings 1&2








6:30pm Evening Service here.


THIS LORD’S DAY  ~  September 17th

GREETERS: Main: Mike & Monica Stenevich    East: Ed & Tena Speelman

SEPTEMBER USHERS: Sean Tucker, Theo VanBerkum, Jerry VanDellen Alt. – Joshua VanDellen


NURSERY: (T) Heidi, Tyler & Hallie Kamphouse, Julie McGillivray

                (I) Jodi Postma, Nancy Postma

SOUND SYSTEM: Kase Lautenbach


HOST: Bruce & Lisa  

LIBRARY: Christina Mellema

CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS: Julie Thompson & Shannon Bosman

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS:  Becca TeVelde & Caroline VanBeek


ADULT CHOIR starts Wednesday the 20th at 7pm!


ANNIVERSARY Our church is planning to celebrate our 75th in the Spring. Anyone who would like to be on the committee, we would love to have you. There is a sign-up sheet on the back table, or contact Joan Carlin.


ANNOUNCEMENT A representative from the Gideon’s will be joining us next Sunday morning to update us on their work. A free-will offering will be taken at the end of the service for their work.


CADETS AND GEMS is starting soon! This is for kids in 2nd – 5th grade. Sign-up sheets on back table.


DIRECTORY PHOTOS Final day is Sunday, September 24. You can have your picture taken before or after church. If you prefer to use your last directory pic please let us know, or you may provide us with a digital photo by Oct. 9. Please see Shannon Bosman with questions.


GEMS KICK OFF THEME NIGHT will be Sept. 20th at 6:45pm!


HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP Our kick off BBQ is September 24 at Chad’s house (809 Beard Rd) at 6:30. Bring a lawn chair.


HISTORY OF DENOMINATIONS The Foursquare Church is a Pentecostal denomination that was the result of the ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson. The name “Foursquare” came to be after McPherson’s study of the book of Ezekiel. The prophet, Ezekiel, saw God revealed as a being with four different faces: a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle. The four symbols most identified with Foursquare today are the cross, cup, dove, and crown. McPherson saw the Gospel in four distinct aspects of Christ’s work and ministry. Her conclusion was that Gospel was a perfect and complete Gospel. It was Gospel that faced squarely in every direction – a “Foursquare Gospel.” The first church and congregation was formed in 1923. McPherson died at the age of 53. Her son Rolf assumed leadership of the church and served as its head for 44 years. There are some 1700 congregations in the United States and over 66,000 churches globally.


JR HIGH YOUTH GROUP KICK OFF! Wed., Sept. 20 at 6:30-8:00pm. Details to come. Grades 6-8.


LOST AND FOUND Please check the table by the front door. Items were brought from church camp. After Sept. 17th service the items will be donated on. Thank you.


MEN’S STUDY John Eldredge says “Every man was once a boy. And every little boy has dreams, big dreams. He dreams of being the hero, beating the bad guys, doing daring feats and rescuing the damsel in distress. So what happens to those dreams when we grow up? What is a Christian man?” Wild at Heart is the book we will use for our men’s study beginning on Tuesday evening, Sept. 26th, at 7pm. We will plan to meet 2 times per month. Books are available for $10.00.


MISSION MOMENT Samuel Zwemer, nicknamed the Apostle to Islam, was born in Vriesland, Michigan. In 1887 he received an A.B. degree from Holland, Michigan. He received Masters of Divinity Degree from New Brunswick Theological Seminary later. He made his home in Arabia and Egypt for over 38 years. He found no agency to send them to work in these Muslim countries at first. The establishment of the American Arabian Mission, under his visionary leadership was born. The Reformed Church agreed nearly 5 years later to sponsor Zwemer. Zwemer wrote 29 books and co-authored another 19 books. Later Zwemer, who was ordained by the Pella Classis, served as a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary. Among his many accomplishments, which were mobilizing many Christians to go into missionary work in Islamic countries and publishing numerous articles and books like The Moslem World, he saw less than a dozen convert to Christianity. However, he planted many seeds, seeds which may continue to germinate in generations to come. Zwemer believed that the distribution of Christian literature was pivotal in the conversion of people in the Middle East. He also championed interdenominational cooperation in missions.


OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD This is the perfect time to start filling shoe boxes for children in need around the world. Summer items & school supplies are on sale but Fall items are also out. Pamphlets will be on the back table soon. Start collecting school supplies, clothing, shoes & everyday essentials like toothbrushes, washcloths & bar soap. It is always such a joy to add our congregation’s boxes to those coming in from our local area!


PARENT FOCUS Lon Flippo writing in “Parent Now” addresses the issues of communication for parents. He says that the average couple watches 46 hours per week watching TV and just 28 minutes communicating with each other in that same time period. The scarcest resource parents have is time. No kidding! He challenges couples to set aside 15 minutes per day to talk about dreams, day at work, or to plan a vacation. However, these have to be rules.

  • No technology, phone calls, or interruptions
  • Neither can bring up hot topics at this time. Connect don’t argue.

    Read his article for ground rule number 3.

    PRAYER CORNER Bob & Peg Smith, Gerry DenAdel


    PRAYER FOCUS God has a “perfect” knowledge of you and me. The Bible speaks about this intimate knowledge in more than just this text. Read Psalm 139 this week. Think about how the psalmist describes God’s ability to understand so many things about us. “You have searched me and known me.” (1) How does God search us? “You have hedged me behind and before, and laid your hand upon me.” (5) What does it mean to have God “hedge” us behind and before? “Do I not hate them, O Lord, who hate you?” (21)  How can we hate what God hates? The psalmist ends with a prayer for God to “search” him. What would God find if he were to search us thoroughly?

    RCWM is having a meeting, Monday, Sept. 18th at 7pm. We will be discussing the fall fun festival, & Lord’s Acre, and we will be following up on the summer activities that were held.


    SENIORS Thursday, Sept.21st at 6pm – It’s baked potato and bingo night once again. Potatoes will be supplied but please bring a salad or dessert and check off a topping you can bring for the baked potato. Both sign-up sheets are on the back table. 


    SYMPATHY We express Christian sympathy to Bob & Peg Smith in the passing of Peg’s mother, Grace Dittmer. Funeral services will be held here at NVRC on Tuesday evening, Sept. 19th at 7pm.


    WEDNESDAY MORNING LADIES BIBLE STUDY starts on the 20th at 10am with a Coffee hour at church. Anyone who is interested is invited. We hope to have our books by then – Becoming a Woman Whose God is Enough. We will start on Sept. 27th and we would love to see some new faces.



THE WEEK AHEAD ~  September 18-23

Monday         7pm – RCWM Meeting  -  Dev: Rickie

Tuesday        7pm—Funeral Service here for Grace Dittmer

Wednesday    10am-Ladies Bible Study/Coffee Hour

          6:30—Jr. High Kick Off

                   6:45—Cadets & Gems

                   7pm—Adult Choir

Thursday       6pm—Senior’s Baked Potato and Bingo night


THE NEXT LORD’S DAY  ~  September 24th

GREETERS: Main: Hank & Ann Hornstra   East: Cory & Tammy Hickey

SEPTEMBER USHERS: Sean Tucker, Theo VanBerkum, Jerry VanDellen  Alt.-Josh VanDellen


COOKIES: Elaine Kooistra, Deb Kuiper, Shauna Larson, Randi Lautenbach, Donna Lautenbach

NURSERY: (T) Diane, Cailyn & Makenzie Likkel, Christina Mellema

     (I) Amanda Postma, Sonja Prink, Casie Reimers

MUSICIAN: Jean Kleinhesselink                         

SONG LEADER:  Vedder Mountain Pickers

MUSIC MINISTRY: Vedder Mountain Pickers

SOUND SYSTEM: Jason Postma


HOST: Virgil & Cheeta

LIBRARY: Judy VanVleet

CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS: Julie Thompson & Kathleen Leach

CHILDREN’S CHURCH HELPERS: Kobi Lautenbach & JoElla Kleinhesselink